Thursday, October 8, 2015

Writer's Workshop: Crazytown

This week, I am writing following the prompt: 4. Something funny your child said.

It was a year ago this weekend that Joshua came up with this gem, which I shared on Twitter:

In the past year, this has evolved into something even bigger.

Joshua later explained to me that the place's true name is Crazytown. In this town, people are different, and the technology is awesome. The people are very sensitive and don't always like the sort of things that people from "here" like. But they aren't afraid to be who they are -- in fact, they're pretty proud to be different. They are very curious and inquisitive people, as well, having invented such things as the "Crazytown car," which can turn into an airplane and a submarine, and comes with every safety feature imaginable, to deal with any unfortunate situation possible. Crazytown people are pretty cautious and always want to be safe. The sensitive thing, I think.

The Mayor loves his Beanie Boos; they come
from Crazytown, too.
There are other people from Crazytown here among us, but not everyone is. Apparently, I and a few other family members are, as well as some of Joshua's friends. He values his Crazytown crew; he was so happy to be reunited with us. He often reminds me of what life was like in Crazytown ("Don't you remember that, Mom?") and is looking forward to going back when we're done here. My mom swears he must have been reincarnated.

I love that my son has so much confidence and sees so much value in himself, and that, even though he sometimes feels like he's a little different than other kids, he doesn't mind. He's proud to be different, proud to be himself. He's a leader (former Mayor of Crazytown, of course), he knows what he wants, and he works to make things happen. He has made leaps and bounds since he started preschool three years ago, but still has some sensitivities that has prompted us to get him tested for Sensory Processing Disorder (soon, I hope -- on the waiting list). Hopefully, we can get him the help he needs. In addition, he has just been diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis, which brings its own set of possible complications -- we can only pray that his case will be as mild as possible. With both disorders can come learning disabilities, but we have been blessed that Josh is a brilliant boy who is thriving in school. I think his dreams of being a television producer, or scientist, or engineer, or artist, or musician, or librarian, or race car driver, or a hockey player are not too far out of reach. Although, the fact that he wants to be ALL of them may be... but you never know! He's a high achiever with boundless energy. I hope he always stays this way. And I hope thoughts of Crazytown keep him feeling safe and happy for as long as he needs them.

I'm so grateful for my boy's wonderful imagination, and proud to be a fellow citizen of his delightful Crazytown!

Mama’s Losin’ It

Wordless Wednesday: Perfect Weather

After last week's rain, it was great to welcome some gorgeous weather this week. It's been sunny and cooler -- 60-70F, dropping into the 40s at night -- perfect, in my opinion. Joshua and I (and his kitties) got some playtime in at the playground on Sunday. I was also able to get in a beach walk yesterday evening, after a delicious dinner by the ocean with my work team. There were some pretty decent waves, so all the surfers were out. It's been a great week to be outside.






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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: September

September was incredibly busy, and I spent a good part of it sick. I am just now getting around to posting some of my photos. Here are some of the photos I took during the month, with the last twelve from a recent Waterfire in Providence. Unfortunately, I did not get any of the "Blood Moon" this past week -- well, none worth posting, at least. I tried my best to hold my camera still, but was unable to get anything clear. I'm putting "tripod" on my wishlist! It was amazing to see, at least.





















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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Mom's Night Out

I may as well call it Wordless Thursday (or Friday). Wednesdays are apparently hard for me, but I do love to link up with Ruchira's blog for WW. It's neither wordless nor Wednesday, but I'll share a couple of my photos from this week.


Last Thursday, my friend and I went to a free concert over at Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut. The performer was Tony Lucca, who we estimated we've been watching for about 24 years. He was on the Mickey Mouse Club when he (and I) was in high school, and more recently competed on The Voice. I've been following his musical career all along, and I really enjoy his music. I think he is so talented and so passionate about music, so creative and a brilliant and articulate man. Pretty fun, too. He's also one of the nicest people I have ever met, famous or not. His band was also extremely talented, and highly entertaining. It was an evening of great music and lots of laughs, and definitely helped break up a stressful week.


(The man behind me in line to meet Tony after the show told him that my friend and I kept promoting him. Apparently, I am good at this!)

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Back to School

It's that time of the year again: back to school! My little guy complained about going back up to the day before, but then it was like a switch when the first day arrived. He was very excited to see his friends again, and once he was at the bus stop, he was happy. He has come home the last two days talking about how "awesometacular" school is, and I couldn't be happier. I love that he is so social, he loves to learn, and his school is so great at making the kids feel at home.


And, because summer has not quite left us yet, here is Josh at the beach this weekend, along with some other beach photos I had wanted to share last week. (I completely forgot on Wednesday. Oops!) Josh is pretty grateful that his school has air conditioning, with the humidity and temps getting up to around 90F this week. We'll enjoy the salt water for now, but we can't wait for Autumn!







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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Writer's Workshop: Dishes

This week, I chose the prompt: 1. Write a blog post in exactly 12 lines.


One chore I never minded was washing the dishes.
In fact, even today, I find it somewhat relaxing.
It used to be a nice break from my homework, or something to do when I was bored.
Quiet and alone in the kitchen while others watched TV shows that I didn't care for.
There's something therapeutic to me about water.
And I may be somewhat of a clean freak.
I also have fond memories of helping my Nana wash dishes.
She would wash and I'd dry and put them away.
When I got older, we'd sometimes reverse roles.
On Sundays and holidays, the women would cram into her small pantry, cleaning after dinner.
Calming, therapeutic water -- full of many happy memories.
But don't get me wrong: I'm thankful for my dishwasher!


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Friday, August 21, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Vacation Week

Last week, I took a much-needed vacation from work. Joshua, my mother, and I headed up north for a few days of fun in New Hampshire.


First stop was in the Loon Mountain area, where we visited the infamous Clark's Trading Post. We had to take the train ride, of course!


Then, we headed across the Kancamagus Highway to North Conway and our hotel.


On Monday, we went to Story Land, where we pretended to be pirates and played in a huge pumpkin. There were also several rides involved. Josh loved the roller coasters and the "Bamboo Chutes" water ride. It got hot in the afternoon, so we left and headed back to the hotel pool for a while. Josh was loving the entertainment guy, who had the kids diving for winning coins and playing other games for prizes. Josh was in the cannonball, flip flop, limbo, and "create something out of a piece of foil" contests. He didn't want to leave (especially since the guy was also playing good music), but enjoyed his dinner at the Muddy Moose later.



Tuesday was rainy. We ate at the Glen Junction restaurant for breakfast, and did a little bit of shopping at a cool toy store in town. Then it was back to our hotel, which just happened to be attached to a giant indoor water park. We had a blast in the water as it poured outside. Dinner that night was at my personal favorite, the Moat Mountain Brewery. Great food and beer!

We headed home on Wednesday, but planned to stop at Santa's Village for a few hours first.


A few hours turned into all day because we were having such a great time there. Fun rides, great activities, Christmas music (!), and a sweet water park. Josh was begging me to go back again soon.











That smile! :)  I think he had a good time. We actually never got to see Santa (the line was long) but Josh didn't mind, since he knew we would see him at the zoo in December. The reindeer and elves (and gingerbread) were a special treat, though!

We had a scenic ride home, which included mountains for miles and even a family of raccoons crossing the street. I just love New Hampshire; it's absolutely gorgeous.



We had a few more things planned for the rest of the week, including members' night at the Roger Williams Zoo. We finally got to see the new cheetahs, along with all of our other favorites.






A gorgeous sunset capped off the evening beautifully.


Friday was the Washington County Fair, where we rode the roller coaster about 147852 times (only slightly exaggerated) and then had to sit down for a while because little man was starting to feel sick. Normally, we walk around to see the animals and contest entries, maybe a tractor pull or two. Instead, we rested and watched Chris Caigle for a while (who put on an awesome show). I got my strawberry shortcake, so I was happy!


Josh was sick all day Saturday, but was (thankfully) feeling better by that evening. I think the excitement of the week was getting to him! I'm glad to report he was back swimming in Grandma's pool by Sunday. Such a great week, and just what the doctor ordered!

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